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SOHA Learning aspires to turn your wellness obsession to a career by offering online courses in wellness and body awareness. It develops e-learning contents based on Adult Learning principles and provides consultancy services in workplace learning and development It is affiliated with SOHA Institute, a private education institute providing competency-based training and certification courses in the last 20 years.

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WSQ Provide Sports Massage

Sports Massage maintains muscle in the best state of nutrition, flexibility and vitality to facilitate optimum function.   The "when, what and why" of sports massage: Timing, Technique and Intent are vital to understanding what type of sports massage to apply to an athlete at any given time. The WSQ Sports Massage offered focused on Maintenance sports massage.

WSQ Provide Infant Massage

A caring touch is good for everyone. Do you know that Infant Massage alleviates the stress that newborns experience as a result of the enormous change that birth creates? On completion of this unit, parents or individuals will have the knowledge and application skills to perform Infant Massage.

Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

This diploma aims to equip you with a sound understanding of structures and systems of a human body as the Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology is the foundation upon which all other Complementary, Beauty and Sports Therapy awards are based.

WSQ Diet & Nutrition in Food Catering

In the past, we are all eating out more often. Today, we are ordering food for home delivery as our movements are curtailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All the same, we often have to make hard choices between Taste and Nutrition as we increasingly become aware of the links between what we eat and our health. If you are in food services or aspire to start one or even as a consumer longing for healthier choices, you will find this course on understanding Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Requirements beneficial to make informed decision for you and your family.